Editor’s Note

Real-talk: Editing a journal is hard.

Thank you to our contributors and dedicated staff, who have worked very hard not only to get the issue together, but to build it (the website) from the ground up. There have been so many changes! New website, transitioning to a new submission manager, and more!

We are honored to be featuring the exceptional work that was submitted, and to be able to feature longer pieces and new media. This is the advantage of being an online publication! But we haven’t been busy with just this issue–we are also publishing, in print, the winner of our 2013 novella contest, a similar labor of love, and planning for all the shenanigans of the upcoming AWP.

We are still working out the kinks* in the website (we aren’t web designers, after all, and are an all-volunteer organization…) and so themes may change and we might be able to do more the more knowledge we gain about how to make this new format work best for us and for you, the readers.

So, come in. Stay awhile. Read around. We hope you enjoy this.

Lillian-Yvonne for Quarterly West

Ventspils, Latvia, 2014


*For the moment, the site doesn’t display in all its brilliance on mobile devices. We’re workin’ on it!