Ansley Clark

Apologies Regarding Spatial Reasoning


A man imparts knowledge
onto/unto me     when I return to a common expectation

in the city’s constructed air     where I owe
the public beautiful things     am always in debt     of effort

sometimes they     the men      are not really doing
anything wrong

they are simply everywhere and large
enjoying things with ease and I can’t help but notice     like

yes you are a large man aren’t you
offer my questions     my interest     the “worry work”

which requires large reserves
shimmering     nuanced

as I step aside into some bushes
to create room     apologies

are always on the tip of my tongue     they just love
to jump out!

after the test results I treat myself
a long pause in polished air     it’s these plans isn’t it      like I love when

lamps switch on     when I am out walking
in the evening thinking about things

it’s enough for me     though I’m sorry
I mean     how boring is this love


Ansley Clark received her MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she currently teaches creative writing and works as the poetry editor for The Thought Erotic. She is the author of the chapbook Geography (dancing girl 2015). Her poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Colorado Review, Typo, Black Warrior Review, Denver Quarterly, Jellyfish, Sixth Finch, and elsewhere.