Holly Burdorff

Erasing Bush

(an imperfect recollection of my aughts adolescence)

Erasing Bush from Quarterly West on Vimeo.

Artist Statement
This piece is about growing up during the (second) Bush Administration; I began it quite a while ago, when it looked like JEB! had a shot at the White House, and I continued it as Trump rose in popularity. It’s structured around erasures of historical documents (primarily George W. Bush’s State of the Union addresses), and filtered through a recollection of my own experiences/observations. In this piece, I seek to investigate language (as it exists in political rhetoric, as it is embodied in everyday items), memory (both personal and national), bodies (individual and political), and more.


Holly Burdorff is an MFA candidate in creative writing at the University of Alabama, where she teaches composition, creative writing, and literature courses. She serves as Art & Design Editor for Black Warrior Review and as the director of the VIDA Count, and her poems appear in recent or forthcoming issues of inter|rupture, POOL, Duende, and The Common.