Karen An-Hwei Lee

Meditation on Bloom’s Taxonomy

To classify or appraise a blooming taxonomy,
illustrate conventions. Use field universals,

trends and sequences
formulate theories. No, this is not pure deduction.

Let us apply our tales to new ways of learning
or vice versa

when I offer one word, bloom
or no memory of flourishing at all. Or I mean

a last name. Bloom

with a cognitive hierarchy or floral criteria.
Blooming, you evaluate my data,

lush in synthesis, matrix of blood,
calyx of mineral bone.

3.14.14 Karen An-hwei Lee at Altadena #2 Photo by Michelle  Chung
Karen An-hwei Lee is the author of Phyla of Joy (Tupelo 2012), Ardor (Tupelo 2008) and In Medias Res (Sarabande 2004),winner of the Norma Farber First Book Award. Lee also wrote two chapbooks, God’s One Hundred Promises (Swan Scythe 2002) and What the Sea Earns for a Living (Quaci Press 2014). Her book of literary criticism, Anglophone Literatures in the Asian Diaspora: Literary Transnationalism and Translingual Migrations (Cambria 2013), was selected for the Cambria Sinophone World Series. She earned an M.F.A. from Brown University and Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Berkeley. The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Grant, she serves as Full Professor of English and Chair at a liberal arts college in greater Los Angeles. Lee is a voting member of the National Book Critics Circle.