Editor’s Note

Dearest readers!

We are so pleased to present Issue 83, jelly-packed with great poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and new media. We are especially proud to present the winners of the Writers@Work Fellowship Competition, and previous winners of the AWP Intro Journals Award. This one is particularly special to us, because we strongly believe in supporting the work of new and emerging writers. Everyone has a “first” publication (aside from first drafts pinned to home refrigerators…) and it’s a blessing if Quarterly West gets to be that place!

We are also very appreciative of all the journals and people who have reached out and inquired about us over the past few months since our “revamp”–thank you! For those who don’t know, we have been in the process of revamping the journal, re-establishing our online presence and growing it, re-focusing on our novella contest, and more. We’ve even added a social media guru/wrangler, poet Susannah Nevison! We develop and run the website ourselves, which means a lot of learning on the fly–even still–and so we will keep apologizing for the kinks that need to be worked out! We are ever-grateful for everyone’s support and the love they’ve shown the journal by submitting outstanding work.

As a senior editor, I am personally grateful for the amazing volunteer staff that is the engine of Quarterly West, especially my co-editors Claire and Sara. This magazine is really and truly a team effort across time and space.

We hope you enjoy Issue 83 as much as we do!